Improve Your Hacking Skills With Udemy Hacking Courses

Udemy is the platform that allows us to learn and empower our skills in different fields, but technology is the choice of the year. When it comes to new trends, Hacking is a favorite and a must in today’s industry. Everyone is looking forward to learning new skills or empowering their old ones with Udemy Hacking courses in order to find a good job or even as a hobby.

The best Ethical Hacking courses on Udemy are waiting for you, finding a job in IT security, becoming a white hat hacker, or even checking the security of your own network is so much easier now. Udemy offers practical and reliable ethical hacking courses to improve your hacking skills and keep you safe from cybercriminals. Below you will find the best Udemy course on Ethical Hacking, and also some other hacking courses that are offered with an Udemy discount of 100%, who wouldn’t love to learn for FREE!

The Best Ethical Udemy Hacking Courses

Among the best Hacking courses, Ethical Hacking is beneficial and very required by the nowadays market. No matter if for your own safety, as an IT Security Job, or even protecting large enterprises from cybercriminals, The purpose is the same. Here we have the best Ethical Hacking Udemy course, also awarded as a bestseller:

“Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch”

  • Ethical Hacking from scratch up to a high-intermediate level.
  • Fields & the different types of hacking.
  • Install a hacking lab & needed software on any operating system
  • Hack & secure WiFi & wired networks.
  • How to hack websites, discover & exploit web application vulnerabilities.
  • Use hacking tools such as Metasploit, Aircrack-ng, SQLmap, etc.
  • Hack into servers, discover vulnerabilities & exploit them.
  • Use client-side & social engineering to hack secure systems.
  • Secure systems from different attacks.
  • Install & use Kali Linux – operating system.
  • Create a fake Wi-Fi network & spy on clients.
  • Gather information about networks & connected clients
  • How to crack WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryptions
  • How to ARP Spoofing / ARP Poisoning.
  • Sniff network traffic & extract private info (passwords, videos, images, etc.)
  • Inject JavaScript in pages loaded by clients who share the same network.
  • How to DNS spoofing.
  • Discover suspicious activities.
  • Prevent MITM attacks by encrypting traffic.
  • Discover vulnerabilities on computer systems.
  • Hack systems using client/server-side attacks, fake updates and other backdoors
  • How to create undetectable backdoors.
  • Use social engineering to hack.
  • Analyze various malware.
  • Deep understanding of websites and web applications
  • Collect sensitive information from websites.
  • SQL injection vulnerabilities, how to discover, exploit & fix them
  • Write SQL queries to prevent SQL injections.
  • How to fix XSS vulnerabilities & protect yourself
  • Discover various types of attacks


  • Basic knowledge on IT
  • No prior knowledge of Linux, programming or hacking required.
  • Computer (min 4GB ram/memory).
  • Any operating system: Linux/Windows/OS X.
  • Wireless adapter that supports monitor mode for Wi-Fi cracking.


This course will teach you Ethical Hacking without requiring any prior knowledge and by the end of it you’ll be able to hack different systems and secure them like a real security expert!

You will start from scratch with ethical hacking basics, breakdown the different penetration testing fields and install Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Later we’ll dive and start hacking straight away. This course offers various examples that will help you analyze and exploit different systems such as networks, servers, websites, clients, etc. This course is not full of theory and has mainly practical examples.

This course is divided into these main sections:

  1. Network Hacking – In this section you will learn to test security of both wired & wireless networks. You will first start with network basics, a deep understanding of how they work, and how devices communicate and branch in these sub-sections:
  • Pre-connection attacks: you will learn several attacks that can be executed without knowing the network password, and not connecting to the target network; how to collect information, discover connected devices, and control connections.
  • Gaining Access: After you gather the certain information in the above section, you’ll learn how to crack the key and get the password of the network that you want to attack (WEP, WPA or even WPA2).
  • Post Connection attacks: After you get the key with the two sections above, you will learn how to gather comprehensive information about devices, track their activity such as login information, passwords, images, videos, visited URLs, etc. You will learn to redirect requests, inject evil code in pages, etc. These attacks will work in wireless and wired networks. In this section you will also learn to create fake WI-FI networks, attract users to connect and attack the connected clients with the above mentioned methods.
  1. Gaining Access – This section will help you gain full control or hack computer systems with:
  • Server-Side Attacks:  To gain full access to computer systems without user interaction, and collect info about operating systems, open ports, installed services, then discover weaknesses and vulnerabilities and exploit them Thanks to these info. You will also learn to create reports with the gathered info.
  • Client-Side Attacks: You will learn to create a backdoor on their system without getting tracked, by hijacking software updates or backdooring downloads. Also, how to use social engineering to hack into secure systems, and collect comprehensive information about system users. Therefore, to create trojans by backdooring normal files, and spoof emails so they appear as its related to the victim’s friends and colleagues, to social engineer them into running the Trojan.
  1. Post Exploitation – How to access the file system (read/write/upload/execute), keep your access, spy by capturing key strikes, turn on the webcam, take screenshots, etc., and use the target computer to hack other systems.
  2. Website / Web Application Hacking – Create a deep understanding of website and web applications. How to discover and exploit thefollowing vulnerabilities to hack into websites:
    • SQL Injection (SQLi).
    • Code Execution.
    • Local File
    • Inclusion.
    • Cross Site Scripting.
    • Remote File Inclusion.
    • File Upload.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who are interested in learning ethical hacking, or penetration testing.
  • Those who like to learn how hackers would attack their computer systems in order to protect themselves.
  • Those who want to secure their systems from hacker attacks.

The best Ethical Hacking Udemy Course for free!

Ethical Hacking can be a big deal, but not everyone can afford to pay for courses. Udemy platform has thought about everyone, now every enthusiast of hacking can learn for free. Here we have some of the best courses that are offered for FREE!

Fundamentals of Computer Hacking

If you want to become a hacker by learning the basics that this Udemy course offers and build a solid foundation for FREE. This is a great course to start with. By the end of this course you will be able to understand the logic and basics of hacking.


  • Basic IT Skills


This Course is a fundamental one on Ethical Hacking that will improve your knowledge of real-time attack vectors and other defensive methods that you may not know. This course was carefully created by a group of worldwide recognized Information Security Professionals that have made sure to meet the participant and organization’s expectations with their amazing work. There are LIVE practical demonstrations that will help the participants to understand the lectures better.

This course will dive you into the dark world of a hacker, giving you a comprehensive deep understanding of how an attacker would think and the strategies and other methodologies that dey use to deface the target network. On the other hand, you will learn how Information Security Professionals work and how the organization identifies the attacks and deface the attackers. This will be a great entry into the world of hacking and will make you feel ready to attend complete hacking courses with no difficulties.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who are interested in learning ethical hacking, or penetration testing.
  • Those who like to learn how hackers would attack their computer systems in order to protect themselves.
  • Those who want to secure their systems from hacker attacks.

Ethical Hacking – SQL Injection Attack

Thanks to this course you will learn the basics of Website hacking, you will use SQL Injection Attack, and Database Penetration testing.

In this course you will learn:

  • Basics of SQL injection attacks
  • How to use Kali Linux database Penetration testing tools
  • How to perform SQL injection attacks.


  • Kali Linux Operating System must be Installed
  • Basic knowledge of Computer is required


SQL Injection (SQLi) is referred to as an attack in the form of an injection. In this case, the attacker executes malicious SQL statements (also referred to as a malicious payload) that control the web application’s database server that we want to attack. The impact of SQL injection is huge on businesses and enterprises. A  successful attack can lead to unauthorized viewing of various protected data, the deletion of data, and in other cases, the attacker takes the administrative rights of the database, where it can reach sensitive data of the business.

This course will teach you how to make SQL injection attacks on websites. This is a practical course and all the practices will be based on SQL injection attacks. 

NOTE: The course is provided for educational purposes only.

NOTE: The course was created by Sunil Gupta and was not associated with any other organization or any certification exam. However, by the end of the course, you will get a Completion Certification from Udemy. 

Who this course is for:

  • Pentesters
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Specialists of Web Security



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