How Does Udemy Certificate of Completion Works

Udemy certificates of completion are valuable proof that you have attended a specific course on the Udemy platform. As we all know Udemy courses are for improving and enhancing your knowledge and expertise in plenty of different fields, also following the actual trends such as Udemy AWS courses, etc. The Udemy certificate has the proper information that can inform your employers about the course you have attended. Although, here you will see how valuable it is if it is accredited, where to find free online Udemy certificates of completion courses, and how this certificate works.

Is Udemy Certificate accredited?

Udemy certificates are not accredited currently since Udemy as a platform is not accredited. The Udemy certificates of completions are less valuable than the traditional certificates issued by institutions such as colleges and universities, although they clearly tell the course that you attended and the skills that this course provides.

How will you get certificates from Udemy?

After you attend the Udemy course, you can simply take the certificate of completion by and this is what you need to know to do so:

  • Click the trophy button: The green trophy above the course player will show that you have finished all the course curriculum, and indicates that your certificate is ready. You can download or simply see your certificate by clicking the trophy button 
  • Download from If you want to get the certificate of completion, you must know that it can be downloaded only from You will be able to view and download the certificate by logging in to the official site of Udemy with your credentials and finish the complete course.
  • Certificates format: the Udemy certificates can be downloaded in .pdf or .jpg format. Your credentials can be also shared on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn directly from the Udemy site.

Once you have viewed the certificate of completion you will see the detailed information about the course that you have finished and your name in it with the logo of Udemy. However, we will talk below about how the certificate looks and how it works.

Is Udemy Certificate valuable?

Udemy course certificates of completions hold a lot of value even though they are not accredited and it’s with the money for the courses. It is important to highlight that the Udemy courses will enhance and upgrade your skills, and the certificate is proof that you have gained new skills and finished a complete course with your will and devotion. 

Consistency is the key, being able to learn new things every day and finishing the complete curriculum of the course is a great achievement that you would feel proud to share with others with a Udemy certificate of completion. You will eventually see the worth of these courses and certificates with the work opportunities that you will have in the future thanks to your skills.

Do Udemy Certificates Matter For Jobs?

The Udemy certificate of completion doesn’t guarantee a job or a promotion. They all depend on you and your skills, not on the certificate that you earn that is why it is important to upgrade your skill and increase your knowledge with these courses. Although, the certificates can be used for showcasing your skills on LinkedIn and embellishing your resume thanks to your new skills. There are plenty of opportunities to get interview calls or even an entry-level job thanks to these certificates.

Udemy courses are chosen not only to get a job, but they also provide information and skills for people that like to learn as much as they can and pursue a hobby or improve everyday skills. However, you should be aware that everything’s up to you, you are the one that will earn new skills and help in your professional career.

The Udemy Certificates are valuable enough to help you get a promotion or a job thanks to your skills gained in this course, and we will talk further about the professional advantages. For a better understanding of how valuable these certificates are, we will see career-related advantages and disadvantages of Udemy:


  • There is no cost for signing up to the Udemy platform + you can learn new skills or enhance your old ones for free
  • You can get a free Udemy certificate as soon as you complete the course
  • Udemy offers tons of free courses with a certificate
  • Udemy courses have no time limit for you to complete the course + guaranteed lifetime access to the course videos


  • Udemy courses are not accredited yet
  • The certificate of completion does not guarantee you in getting a job
  • The certificates are only proof that you have successfully completed the course

Udemy Certificate sample!

Here is a blank Udemy certificate issued by Udemy. You can clearly see that the certificate shows details stating that the student has completed the course. This certificate can be received from Udemy after the completion of the course.

Udemy Certificate SampleThe certificate contains the certificate number and the URL, this can help to check and verify if the Udemy certificate of completion is fake or genuine and was issued to the student by the Udemy platform.

Free online Udemy Certificate courses

Udemy platform provides tons of online free courses, here are some great Udemy free certificate courses that may be helpful for you.

We are aware that knowledge is more important than any certificate, but today’s industry requires proof and doesn’t accept you without any proper proof or certificate of the skills that you have gained. This is the certificate that will prove to them your skills.

Udemy platform offers great coupon codes which are applied absolutely free of cost and will help you in your journey to upgrade your skills. 


Udemy has been ranking as one of the best platforms in a long time and is known for getting valuable certifications. This platform offers you courses that will help you in learning and developing and polishing your skills or learning new ones. It will engage you to have the will on gaining new skills or upgrading your knowledge thanks to its amazing courses. It can help you get various job opportunities, interview calls, or even promotions thanks to the skills gained. All these advantages that this platform offers, are associated with the certificate of completion that will display and prove your achievements.

The Udemy Certificate of completion reveals that you have completed a specific Udemy course, doesn’t matter if it is an online course or offline. This is also great proof that shows the devotion that students have to finish an entire course and achieve all the objectives of this course no matter the period of time attended. This certificate may not have an extraordinary value and is not accredited but for sure it will show how proud this person is to keep his own word and frequently learn from the course. As we said earlier, consistency is the key, and this is a great opportunity to show your employers how consistent you are and the devotion you show to something you like.

Social media have a great impact on your career, this is another chance for you to display your certificate, and for sure people and different businesses will notice you thanks to your skills. This can be a potential opportunity for you to get a job or an interview call, why not a promotion in your actual job? However, compared to other certificates, the accreditation is a disadvantage, but this won’t stop you from achieving your goals thanks to Udemy courses.

This certificate will probably get even more valuable eventually, but we must state that accredited and nonaccredited certification, both equally show a definite goal of boosting a person’s knowledge base and stand out of other non-certificated courses. A certificate itself acts as physical evidence that the person has effectively finished each of the requirements of the course and achieved all the objectives by dedicating their time and energy to something.

We know that in today’s industry, a career search starts with a good solid resume that requires many certifications in order to be complete. It is essential for making a good first impression by showing your skills, knowledge, and experience with various certificates and each one of them counts. Udemy certificates of completion provide proof of your achievements in a field and are valuable in this case, they will stand out in the crowd and make you get noticed.

If you are struggling on how to download free Udemy courses, here you will find the very best tutorials.


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