Time Series Analysis, Forecasting, And Machine Learning

Anyone interested in learning more about time series analysis is welcome to join this course for free. Enroll today and advance your career in data science or finance. Learn Exponential Smoothing Models; ETS; SARIMAX; ARIMA; pmdarima Python library; statsmodels Python library, and much more. Work with machine learning for time series forecasting and master ANNs, CNNs, RNNs, and LSTMs.

Hands-on TensorFlow 2 for stock prices and returns predictions, Vector autoregression; AWS Forecast; GARCH (volatility modeling); FB Prophet; and more.

You can download the course for free using uTorrent but previous Python coding experience and familiarity with Probability and Matrix arithmetic is required.

English [Auto Generated] 

Size: 4.84 GB

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