Download Paid Courses For Free Without Torrent

Udemy courses are a great possibility to gain new knowledge through online learning. We all know that a variety of Paid Udemy Courses For Free are available online for free. We know how Torrent has become a big deal when talking about large downloads on the internet, but getting to use it is kind of a problem when it comes to the installation part. Dealing with the steps and errors that might appear is a real thing. 

A way is by downloading videos on apps in order to view them offline, but sometimes the courses are not complete, excluding the lectures that are enabled to download by the instructors themselves. Here are the ways on how to download all videos of your favorite courses on your computer easier.

What if I tell you that most of the paid Udemy courses for free can be accessed for free, without a Torrent ? Yes, it is true, there are ways where you can download paid Udemy courses for free without using a Torrent. Below we have listed some of the methods that you can use.

Download Paid Udemy Courses For Free with your web browser

When you are surfing in the Udemy courses and watching the videos from your web browser on your computer you instantly want to download them. The problem is that not always they are available to be downloaded and sometimes the button of download is a passive link. At this moment we offer you the right solution to do so.

You can download these Udemy videos very simple. In this case, the Chrome web browser has been used for the example.

Step 1: Go to the official Udemy page and log into your account. Choose the Udemy course that you want to have, and open the video that you want to download.

Step 2: In this step, you will be working a little with the developer tools. All you have to do is right-click on a blank space and select the Inspect button or simply press F12 on your Windows computer, this instruction will open Developer Tools. Now, in the Developer Tools, you should click on the Network tab and select Media. Below is a screenshot of how it looks.

steps on how to download free udemy courses

Step 3: After finishing with the 3rd step, reload the page and then you will see that an Udemy MP4 file URL will show up (listed on the page).

Step 4: Click to open the MP4 file URL in a new tab. After you open it, the Udemy video will start to download.

If in any case, it does not start downloading (a thing that commonly happens) you can see that the video is playing on the new tab that you opened. In this case, you can right-click and select the “Save Video as” button, choose the place where you want to save it on your computer, and the Udemy course video will be successfully downloaded.

Udeler Udemy course downloader

As we explained earlier, the method of downloading the videos from your web browser is very effective and can be used for every single video of the Udemy course. But, what if we wanted to download the whole course, which means, multiple videos at the same time? Here we go with another way to download all the Udemy courses.

Uelder Udemy courses are open-source software that gives you the opportunity to download all the videos of the Udemy course, all of them in one click. An important feature of this software is that you can choose which video to rank for the downloading process and also choose the quality of each one of them.

Below we have shown step by step how it works:

Step 1: Look up for Uelder, and hit the button to download this tool. Is very simple for you to download, and the fact that is an open-source tool, it’s even better.

Step 2: The next thing you should do, Is Log in. You might be asking “how would I do that, I don’t have an account”, well it’s very simple. You will use your Udemy login credentials, and you are ready to go.

Below is a screenshot that shows clearly the video download progress and the quality tab where you get to set the video quality.

downloading udemy torrent courses

Step 3: Go to “settings” and choose the video quality that you want to download.

Step 4: We are all set up, the only thing that is left to do is to try out the program with your favorite Udemy course. Choose the Udemy course that you want to download, follow the instructions as we described above and your courses will be downloaded easily.

Talking about flaws, nothing is perfect, and a flaw that Udeler has is about quality. We all point to the 1080P or the highest for our videos to have the best video resolution, but actually, the downloaded video will still be 720P. At the end of the day, It’s not a big deal, 720P is worth it.

Download Paid Udemy Courses For Free videos with YouTube-Dl

If you are having a hard time with tools that only download Udemy videos from the official Udemy site, that YouTube-D1 is worth trying. This is another open-source tool to download videos, but compared to other tools, with YouTube-D1 you can download Udemy course videos from the Udemy website and about 1000 other websites that contain these courses.

This tool is supported in both Mac and Windows, and if you follow the steps, is not hard to use, you can easily configure it in any operating system. The installation part is a piece of cake, afterward, you can type the following commands to start using the tool and download all videos from your chosen Udemy course:

To Download the Course Videos use the command: 

youtube-dl -u [email protected] -p [email protected]://

free udemy torrent courses

This works for Mac users, for Windows users, you should simply replace the phrase “youtube-dl” with “youtube-dl.exe” and it will work.

During the process, you might deal with an error, which is not a big deal. If this error appears before you finish downloading the videos of the course, include the “–playlist-start” in the command, this way you will pick up the process where it left off. 

To be more specific, if you get an error right after video #x1 has finished Downloading and Video #x2 is starting up, the command below will be useful:

youtube-dl -u [email protected] -p [email protected]:// –playlist-start 21

This command can be used not only to download Udemy courses, but you can use this command also download Facebook private videos or many other things. Though, like any other program, the flaw of YouTube-D1 is that the download speed is slower than the other above-mentioned techniques. But that won’t be a problem as long as we can download Udemy course videos from more than 1000 other websites.

Download Udemy paid courses with Allavsoft

Allavsoft is another tool that can be used to download Udemy course videos. If we compare this tool with YouTube-DL, it has an interface that allows you to download video and audio from a greater number of websites. Among the websites where you can download these courses are Udemy, YouTube, Spotify, Lynda, Deezer in batch.

Better than the above-mentioned tools, this tool has a fast downloading speed and supports 1080p high-quality videos. It also comes with a special feature where you can choose your favorite subtitles in the videos that you download. This is probably the best choice if you are interested in multiple courses and you want to download them fast.

Step1: First thing you should do is to download and Install Allavsoft. This tool is also available for both operating systems, Windows and Mac.

Step 2: Select your chosen Udemy course URL and paste it into the tool. If you need to, you can also choose the output format of the video because this program has the feature that allows you to convert video format. In case that you don’t choose any video format, the Udemy video will be downloaded as a 1080p MP4 format by default.

Step 3: A button with the “Download” icon will appear on the main interface, you should click it and the download will start. When you first use the tool, you will be prompted to log in, in this case, you will use your Udemy account credentials.

The screenshot shows the interface of Allavsoft:

easy steps on downloading udemy torrent free courses

The program will automatically analyze the link and start downloading the videos

All the mentioned methods are very effective, Allavsoft is paid, and the rest of them are free and easy to use.



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