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Most people are aware of how important music is in our lives, and nowadays, with all the struggles of life, we have learned the importance of music in our mental health. It is very important to be able to relax. Bad habits, negative thinking, and different distractions are the main factors that impact our mental health, and music is a way to escape from the ugly reality. At our website you will find the best Free Music Udemy Courses to download.

It is very important for us to be confident and achieve our goals, this is also important when it comes to music. Music is a partner that will never let you alone when nobody is with you, even better if you want to be on the production side.

Music is something beautiful to connect with others. We shall embrace people’s music tastes and spread positiveness by empowering people to listen to music that matches their mood, but what if you are passionate about learning music? Knowing to write your own songs and wanting to learn a specific instrument. To do so, firstly you have to train yourself.

 We all know that music courses are very expensive, especially when talking about piano, guitar, etc. But what if we tell you that you can learn Free Music Udemy Courses for FREE?

 If you are looking forward to learning in the music field, have listed the top 5 Music Udemy courses that can be downloaded for free and will help you gain new skills:

1. Complete Guitar System – Beginner to Advanced – Free Music Udemy Courses

A Guitar Course With a Proven Step-by-step Learning System All in one.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • You are not familiar with Guitar? This is the perfect course that you would ever take
  • You will be playing guitar in a short time and you will have the most fun
  • This is a logical method that plays step by step Songs and Master Chords, Scales, and Guitar Theory
  • Your Chord Transitioning, Strumming, Fretting, Picking, and Fingerpicking will be sharper thanks to the exercises of our course


  • No guitar Skills Needed
  • A Guitar is needed
  • Practice should not be avoided


You want to challenge yourself and beat every struggle of learning to play guitar?

Thanks to this course, you have a “Free Pass“ to playing guitar. This is the most perfect guitar course that you would ever attend.

Who this course is for:

  • Guitar players that feel lost, no matter if they are beginners, who don’t quite know where to begin
  • The ones who are finding “holes” in their playing, no matter if they are intermediate or advanced players.
  • If you are an expert and want to advance your craft
  • If your personal guitar instructors aren’t “cutting it” for you
  • If you have played the guitar and started learning years ago and got the feeling to get back in it

2.Pianoforall – Incredible New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard

Learn Piano in just e few weeks. Pop, Blues, Jazz, Ballads, Improvisation, Classical by Playing-By-Ear & learning to Read Music.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Complete beginners will be skilled to reach an intermediate level in a very short time thanks to the piano lessons
  • You will be playing like a pro right from the beginning of this course
  • You will be learning the basic essential techniques that will acknowledge you to be able and play any song in any style just by listening
  • You will be learning to read music sheets as you learn to play-by-ear


  • No prior knowledge or experience is required
  • These lessons and exercises work well in Piano or Keyboard
  • 20 minutes a day are more than enough to make rapid progress


This course is one of the most popular online piano courses, it has extended its participation with over 250,000 students worldwide.

Now everyone is able to learn Piano on Keyboard

Imagine being able to learn really quick and in an efficient way to play – Ballads,  Pop, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, also the stunning Classical pieces. Yes, you can…  and you can do it in a very short time, by also saving your money, time, and effort on slow traditional Piano Lessons.

The course content:

  • Rhythm Style Piano, Play-By-Ear, Party Time 
  • Rock ’n’ Roll, and Basic Blues 
  • Inversions, and Chord Magic 
  • Advanced Chords are made very easy
  • Ballad Style and Improvisation will be on fleek
  • Jazz Piano in the easiest way
  • Fake Stride, Advanced Blues, and The Entertainer
  • Taming the Classics in a fine way
  • Speed Learning in a really short time

Who this course is for:

  • Appropriate for any age – from teens or older (not for very young kids)
  • Perfect for the ones that have the passion to learn and just amaze everyone by playing the piano.

3.Play YOUR Favorite Songs: The Guitar Super-Course (2021)

One of the most famous courses, also the one that will give you the toolbox to play all of your favorite songs. (+ 36 hacks, shortcuts, tips & tricks)

  • You will learn no play rock, pop, or country songs on your guitar. You will see how easy it can be by learning in the most efficient way.
  • You’ll play in a gorgeous manner all the chords while every string is lucidly heard.
  • You will see the perfect strumming pattern for any song, and strum in a steady, confident rhythm for the best of experiences.
  • You will earn a printable PDF Songbook with 35 Campfire Songs, and for each song, a detailed video lesson.
  • You will learn to switch easily between chords, the main key to playing songs fluently and effortlessly thanks to the exercises!
  • In the shortest time possible you will be learning new chords.
  • You will be developing a sense of rhythm that appears rock-solid and will make you sound way better than most beginners and intermediates.
  • You will be enjoying the fancy e-books of Songs-Masters on various guitar
  • Enjoy the lessons of the most helpful Udemy instructor: he will give you suggestions on how to improve based on your playing.

Requirements for 

  • An acoustic or classical guitar 
  • To be a music lover, and especially songs with guitars!
  • This course isn’t for you if you want to play classical Mozart pieces. But it’s exactly for you if you want to play your favorite songs on the guitar.
  • The course is either for those who are already playing some guitar but never made it to a specific skilled stage of playing their songs and also complete beginners. This course will get you to an intermediate really quickly.


Within a few weeks of practice, you will be able to play beautifully.

This is the course with the most complete, systematic approach that you will ever see for learning guitar online.

This course is also for those who want to play their own songs.

If you are tired of long-winded YouTube lessons and other courses that get you nowhere, this is the perfect course for you. 90% of people that start learning guitar, tend to quit within a year, but not this course, this course has the proper motivation that will influence you to achieve unbelievable skills. 

4.GarageBand 101- Learn How To Write & Record Your First Song!

You are going to make amazing music thanks to Garage Band.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Learn the basic functions of GarageBand
  • How to write and record original songs 
  • Edit and give a fine polish to your songs!
  • Make great music in GarageBand!


  • Get the latest version of GarageBand!
  • No experience required!


This course will help you start making great music real fast!  The video lessons will show you how to write, record, edit, and give your songs the final touch step by step. You’ll learn how to creatively write songs thanks to Garage Bands tools, including software instruments & the session drummer, along with the amazing tools for editing & mixing your songs by giving a nice finish! The content of this course is rich and will get you straight to the point of making high-quality music in GarageBand in a very short time!  

Who this course is for:

  • Any musician or hobbyist who wants to start making music in GarageBand
  • Beginners who have the will to write and record music!

5. Audio Editing Basics with Reaper

Audio editing and recording made very simple for absolute beginners. Learn how to create your own audio content fast!

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • You will easily learn to edit and record audio in Reaper, in a professional audio editor that is off charges.


  • All you need is a computer, headphones/speakers and a good internet connection.


In this course you will learn the basic techniques on how to edit and record voiceovers, narrations, live music, and ambient sounds by only using your computer, from scratch. This introductory course will also solve your audio production problems.

The beginning of making great audio content with reaper

  • The explanations of installation and configuration
  • Detailed basic editing operations
  • How to configure your PC or Mac for audio production
  • Some tips for productivity 
  • Recording setup with one click
  • Audio effects to improve your recordings

Who this course is for:

Free Music Udemy Courses are for anyone that wants to learn how to edit and record audio at home. It is made for beginners with no prior knowledge of audio production. It also makes a good introduction to the famous Reaper DAW. 

If you want to download more free academic courses follow this link.


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