Monster JavaScript Course – 50+ Projects And Applications

As you may understand, in this free download course you will work with 50 projects to eventually master JavaScript. Join for free and learn how to use JavaScript, use elements, work with JS Document Object Model, and more.

Some of the Projects:

  • Tip Calculator 
  • Welcome messages
  • Dynamically changing message
  • Coin Toss Application
  • Rock Paper Scissors Game 
  • Ultimate Dice Game
  • Play audio files and sounds 
  • JavaScript Dynamic Typing Test 
  • Magic Eight Ball JavaScript
  • Word Scramble
  • Countdown Timer 
  • Pattern matching game 
  • Click Popper Game 
  • High Low Card Game 
  • Click Shape Game
  • Word Finding Game
  • Input field Character counter 
  • Element Scrolling Content Code Snippet 
  • Fun with the Document Object Model
  • Just JavaScript Click Counter 
  • Image popup window 
  • JavaScript Word Guessing Hangman game 
  • JavaScript Modal Popup Example 
  • Image Carousel JavaScript animated slideshow application
  • Star Rating project 
  • Plane Bomber game 
  • JavaScript Accordion component
  • Chaser Box game 
  • Tooltip
  • Email Exacter application 
  • Popup message 
  • Clipboard – Copy and Move 
  • Pure JavaScript Calculator 
  • Editable Shopping List 
  • Placeholder image path generator 
  • Catch element game
  • Element Mouse and click events  
  • Create Form Validation 
  • Cookie get set tester
  • DOM interaction Application
  • Google Sheet data to CSV exporter 
  • Flying bird game 
  • Number Guessing Game
  • Element Catcher game 
  • Alien Invader Game 
  • Card War Game

For more, simply download the course. If you’re new to our site, click this link to learn how to download Udemy courses for free using uTorrent. Thank us later!

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