Machine Learning And Data Science Hands-On With Python And R

Everyone interested in learning Data Science and Machine Learning for free is welcome to join. In this free download Udemy torrent course, you will work with Numpy, Pandas, Metplotlit, Seaborn, Hypothesis Testing, and more.

Hands-on Algebra, Adaboost Regressor, Gaussian, Heuristic, Statistics, Python, Artificial Intelligence AI, Tensorflow, AWS, and much more.

Work with Machine Learning on Tensorflow, Python & R, Python for Data Science and Machine Learning, Neural Network, Sequential Model, Data Visualization, and more.

Master Data Analysis, Data Manipulation, KNN Algorithm, Learn Decision Tree, Random Forests, Kmeans Clustering, Vector Machine, Time Series Analysis, Market Basket Analysis.

English [Auto Generated]

Size: 30.85 GB

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