IT & Software Udemy Courses to Download for Free

The days when you had to go to a particular location to enroll in a course are long gone. With the internet on your side, you can easily download Udemy paid courses for free and master new skills from the comfort of your home. If you are looking for the best IT & Software Udemy courses to Download for free, you are in the right place. is an online platform that allows students, teachers, and IT lovers of all calibers to deepen their skills in the IT Field by learning from free Udemy paid courses. No Udemy free coupon is needed as the courses can be downloaded for free using uTorrent. Below you will see a selection of 5 most in-demand IT & Software Udemy courses to Download for Free and learn in your free time.

IT & Software Udemy Courses to Download for Free using uTorrent

The below-mentioned courses are made to help you take control of your IT skills. Mostly focused on online platforms like Amazon, YouTube, and Google – these life-changing free Udemy paid courses are here to guide you through the long path of the world of IT. With that being said, take a look at the most in-demand skills in 2020. You will need uTorrent to download these courses from us. Click here to learn how to download Udemy paid courses for free using uTorrent. It is not hard for you can download Udemy courses for free by using uTorrent, but still we are going to show you some steps how to download it. First of all you have to search for the Udemy course that you want to download, then you have to scroll down to the download button, generate the download link, download the Udemy course, and the last one, download the paid courses you want to have for free.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified 2019 – 4 Certifications!

Udemy torrent course description:

This course is particularly designed for those who want to master enhanced skills in software development, architecture design, and administration. The course is filled with 4 certification practice exams with 240 questions in total. Not forgetting to mention that this course it is updated at least every month for the latest AWS exams, and it continues to be updated always, and the students will have works to do this way they will understand better the lesson, by practicing what they learn.

This course is for all of you that want to master some advanced skills in administration, software development and architecture design. To be part of this course you have to know the basics of computers and networking, an AWS account this way the student will be able to complete hands-on sessions, and of course a Linux, Windows or Mac PC to complete the lab sessions. By the end of the course, you will be able to better understand and be fully prepared for:

  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate exam 
  • AWS Certified Developer Associate exam
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam

Udemy torrent course skills to learn:

This course will help you get prepared and help you get 4 certifications. You will learn the proficient use of AWS command line and AWS Software Development Kit, to put your hand-on NodeJS and JavaScript code for developer labs, and also you will get familiar with Cognito, Lambda, SQS, X-Ray, SNS, and many more. Let me say that this is one of the most hands-on course that you may find on Udemy platform, and the best one for AWS with all the needed information that will be explained in detail and that will also be followed up wyth real life labs.

Udemy free download course here

Google AdSense & YouTube: Everything You Need to Know

Udemy torrent course description:

 The most visited platforms in the 21 century are Google and YouTube. Considered as the freelancer’s paradise, these platforms can make you rich within months. Certainly, there are a few tips and tricks you need to know before starting and this Udemy free download course has all the answers.

The only requirement to participate is to have the eagerness to learn and a website (if you have one, if not, the course will teach how to build one from scratch). As we all know that nowadays job alternatives are getting very small within the personal and public sector, but this is your opportunity to learn some new skills that can make it possible for you to work through the internet, where you can work from home, online or freelancing. This course is for all of you that have a website, are video makers, writers or bloggers. 

Udemy torrent course skills to learn:

This course offers you a lot of important and valuable information that you need to know for Google AdSense & YouTube. It starts by learning how to create a gmal account and how to use it, you will learn how to master youtube monetization, how to edit youtube videos and how to get youtube keywords that are some of the most important things to reach your goal. Some other important things that you will learn during this course are learning about copyright strikes and how to avoid them. This way you will make everything in the right way and not risk your work from getting deleted, and to put your hands-on auto tags generation and auto video descriptions.

Udemy free download course here

Learn Social Engineering from Scratch

Udemy torrent course description:

This is a more advanced Udemy free course that requires a few basic IT skills and knowledge about computers in general. The main goal of this course is to teach the followers how to hack systems using Social Engineering and secure them like a pro. Practice-focused, the course is enriched with tutorials, videos, and exercises to help you better understand the topics. If you become part of this course, everything will start as a beginner, even for those students that don’t have previous knowledge about social engineering, by starting with the basics and then gradually advancing, and by the end of the course being able to hack into major operating systems.

Udemy torrent course skills to learn:

During this course you will learn everything you need to know about hacking and social engineering, learn everything important about the topics of ethical hacking, how to Install and use Kali Linux and Windows operating systems for testing and also learn all the basic commands and tools that you need to know to use Linux. Also not forgetting to mention that you will be able to discover companies, websites, people, emails associated with a person, and also learn how to build hacking strategies and of course you will also learn how to protect yourself or your company from them, which is a very important thing for you and your business.

Udemy free download course here

Vegas Pro 15: The Complete Video Editing Masterclass

Udemy torrent course description:

For all of them who are attracted to video editing programs and want to learn how to use at least one of them, here is the Sony Vegas Pro 15, a free Udemy torrent course. The Vegans Pro should be your first choice, because most of professionals that are all around the world use this software for different type of production, for example, business, music videos, marketing videos, feature films, etc.

By the end of the course, you will have earned the ability to make exceptional videos by learning how to edit step-by-step in a professional way with Sony Vegas Pro 15 tools. This is the right choice for you to make better videos and to become a part of the professional video editing world, and learn it step by step by this course.

Udemy torrent course skills to learn:

This course will help you learn everything from the scratch, you will learn how to edit a video from start to finish,  you will be able to master footage and audio editing, you will learn how to add Slow Motion and Zoom IN/OUT in a video to make your videos even more interesting, how to add your logo or a watermark in the video, how to create YouTube Thumbnails using Vegas Pro 1, how to edit fast using keyboard shortcuts. Also you will learn step by step how to create YouTube intros and outro and how to add special effects to your videos, to make your videos look cool and interesting and many more.

Udemy free download course here

Cyber Security – Go from Zero to Hero (2020)

Udemy torrent course description:

We all know how important Cyber Security is these days. With world-growing cyber-attacks, almost every company is implementing its own Cyber Security department. Being an in-demand skill, do a favor to yourself by diving today in this course and mastering Cyber Security. It is for free here at!

This course will show you a good insight of Cyber Security and for sure that are your concept that you have about Computer Networking will be cleared in the first section itself. This course is for all of you that want to learn Cyber security, that are looking for the perfect start of learning it, those who are curious what cyber security is, and for all those who want to change their fiend to information technology.

Udemy torrent course skills to learn:

If you decide to join this group you will learn a lot of important and valuable information that you need to know for Cyber Security, starting from the zero.

You will learn some more information about Computer Networks, learn how to master the fundamentals of Cyber Security and be able to build a career in this field, the basic things about Cryptography. During the lessons the teacher will test your new skills through quizzes and exercises. This way it will be easier for you to understand the lessons. And also not forgetting to mention that you will also learn about: Threats, Vulnerabilities, incidents, Attacks, Management, Events, Exploits, and more.

Udemy free download course here

FAQ about IT & Software Udemy Courses

Q. Do I need a Udemy free Coupon to download these courses?

A: No worries about that. No Udemy free Coupon will be needed as here at you can download the courses you like for free.

Q. Do I need uTorrent to download Udemy paid courses for free?

A: The answer is YES. You will have to download uTorrent to your windows or android prior to earning the chance to learn from Udemy paid courses for free.

Q. How many courses can I download?

A: There is no limit on the number of courses you can download from us. It all depends on how fast you can learn new skills.

Q. Is uTorrent Safe?

A: uTorrent is safe to be used by anyone and works like a charm. You can download any file you prefer from the internet for free.

Q. How can I download Udemy torrent courses?

A: You have to install the uTorrent first and then you will have access to Udemy torrent courses, it is safe for everyone and you won’t have to pay anything.




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