How To Download Udemy Courses For Free Using uTorrent

How To Download Udemy Courses For Free Tutorial

Talent is universal but the opportunities are not. With access to online learning resources and instructions you can gain skills and transform your life in meaningful ways.

We know well that online courses are the best method to learn new things. Udemy, the online courses provider is one of the titans of the marketplace. Udemy helps organizations of all kinds prepare for the ever-evolving future of work.

Udemy courses have a variety of content, different categories, and various filter engines where you can explore your interests. Some of the courses might be the ones that you are looking for, but in some cases, they are expensive. You can attend them easily with this opportunity. You are able to explore through different courses for FREE

There you will find almost every course, certainly for a price. Don’t lose hope though! Thanks to uTorrent, here at OurFreeCourses, you are welcome to download Udemy paid courses for free. 

Is it true that you can access paid Udemy Courses for FREE?

Yes, Udemy courses can also be accessed for free by using a uTorrent, with very few steps, very easily, but first, you should know where to search for and how to work it out.

Learning through online courses and developing skills from home is an amazing and beneficial opportunity that everyone is able to take. However, You might be interested in learning different topics, but you can’t access them all because they might be expensive. Here is where the term “uTorrent” comes to life.

Whether if you want to learn how to build a website from scratch, discover new YouTube and social media growth strategies, or even be a pro in programming, you are in the right place. OurFreeCourses allows students, freelancers, and IT lovers of all calibers to download Udemy courses torrent mode for free. 

What is uTorrent?

uTorrent is a software that has been around since 2005. This is a platform that has been supporting all global internet users in downloading specific files at no cost. Thanks to uTorrent, you can download not only the paid Udemy courses for FREE but also movies, music, games, programs at 0 cost. uTorrent is safe to be used by everyone, and what’s important, totally free. It is not considered to be a form of internet piracy, except the moment you upload the downloaded file in uTorrent, back again in another commercial form(even free) on the internet.

We all know that talent is universal, but the opportunities are surely not the same for everyone. Online learning resources and instructions can help you gain skills and transform your life in meaningful ways, and now, thanks to uTorrent, you are privileged to have these opportunities.

uTorrent has been around since 2005, supporting all global internet users to download specific files at 0 costs. On account of uTorrent, you can download movies, music, games, programs and Udemy paid courses for free. uTorrent is free and safe to be used by everyone. It is not considered internet piracy until the moment you upload the uTorrent downloaded file back again on the internet.

How to download Udemy courses for free using a uTorrent:

Steps Description Links
1 Visit our site
2 Select your favorite course
3 Click mirror to go to the download page
4 Download the uTorrent
5 Download the course via uTorrent and enjoy

Below you will see how to download Udemy courses for free using uTorrent.

Step 1: Find The Udemy Course That You Want To Download For Free

Visit our site and choose the course that you want to attend by searching at the search bar for the specific name. For example, Learning “After Effects” with the three, Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects for further knowledge in photoshop and video editing.

steps how to download udemy paid courses for free

Step 2: Scroll To Download Button

After you open the selected course, you should read the description and other information about the course to know for sure if it’s worth downloading. 

After you scroll down, the downloading section will show up, all you have to do is click the download mirror, as shown.

download free udemy courses

Step 3: Generate Download Link

After you select the mirror, you will be redirected to the download page. You can download the courses instantly if you have the premium id, or you have to wait for a few seconds until it finishes. After you click the “Generate download link”, make sure to complete the robot verification as required.

link on how to download paid courses for free

Step 4: Download Udemy Courses Using uTorrent

+ Download uTorrent

The most important thing is to download the uTorrent. uTorrent is free to use and is easy to download, the software is available on their official website. uTorrent download fits all the operating systems, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Reasonably, the first thing you need to do to download courses for free is installing uTorrent. As mentioned above uTorrent is free to use and you can download the software on their official website. uTorrent download is available for Android, Mac, and Windows.

download Udemy courses for free using uTorrent+ Click the Download uTorrent Web to automatically download the software. After being downloaded a shortcut of the software will be shown on your desktop.

Step 5: Download The Paid Courses For Free

Your download will automatically start after verification. But before downloading the course, make sure you successfully installed uTorrent.

Although Installing IDM is optional, I would still recommend it in case you have a slow internet connection or limited storage. If not, you cannot be able to resume the download, you will have to start over if the download fails.

download paid courses for free

Even better, if the course has its own torrent linked, as shown below. 

steps to download the best courses for free

You are ready to use your uTorrent and download it.

Is that simple, if you have any problems downloading it and accessing it, you should read carefully for any skipped steps, and try again.

Do you see? There is nothing difficult. These simple steps give you the opportunity to access paid (even expensive) Udemy courses for FREE.

How to safely use uTorrent?

Last but not the least important thing, using uTorrent is not a crime, but yet we should be careful. Well, it’s true that your IP address gets publicly displayed, and even by using a proxy, you can still get caught so, we are going to show you some tips on how to safely use it:

  • Combine it with a VPN

VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, is a technology that allows us to use the web in a safe, secure, private, and anonymous way. The security features, such as security protocols to hide your traffic; encryption to deny unauthorized access; and large server networks that allow you to bypass censorship and restrictions are the best on technology. Server networks are amazing to hide your location, you can connect to different servers worldwide and not be caught.

  • Use only trusted sites

Before downloading a torrent file, make sure it is from a trusted resource. A great piece of advice is to read the comments on the file. There might be reviews of any user that got trapped.

  • Use Antivirus Software

A good antivirus is suggested in order to protect your computer from torrent files with malicious codes. A risky download is the (.rar / .zip files) and EXE files because you cannot preview the content without downloading it first. This way the antivirus will scan all files downloaded from torrent trackers.

  • Turn on the Firewall

A firewall is a filter that provides a barrier between the network and the computer by monitoring and analyzing the computer connections and makes sure to allow a connection or not. Firewall skips give you an absolute guarantee by allowing you to access only sites that you allow. Also, it would be a real obstacle if someone tries to hack your computer.

  • Seeders & Leechers

Look for torrents by the number of seeders, the ones that distribute, and leechers the ones that download the file. Based on this number, you will be more sure about the chosen one, based on the number of people that have used it. 

  • Profile Authority

Check the person who posted the file that you have chosen to download. Choose the most rated ones, because they tend to place save files.

Simplified Steps on How To Download Udemy Courses For Free Using uTorrent:

+ To download Udemy courses using uTorrent, go to and choose the courses that you want to learn.

how to download udemy courses for free using utorrent+ Download the uTorrent file

download paid udemy courses steps with torrent

After selecting the course, you will be forwarded to another place to download the uTorrent file.

Click the Download Now link down below the course description and the file will automatically open in uTorrent.

download paid udemy courses steps with torrentThe final and easiest step. Click OK to access free Udemy paid courses. Follow the same path to download courses for free using uTorrent only at OurFreeCourses or contact us.